How to download high-quality images from Pinterest?

Howdy! Hussain is back to you with another experience. You all Freelancers know how important Pinterest is for Affiliate Marketers. Whatever, yesterday I got a job in a marketplace where I had to download the client’s all Pins from a board. He would use those pins for his site, so the recommendation was to download the high-quality downloaded images.

When I got hired, I was trying direct download. But they failed to pass the recommendation. Then I searched on Google and found many pieces of information that actually of no use. So I was scared that how will I finish my job. Then I found a solution and share it to help you. If you want to hire me for this type of job only at 5$, click here. 

The process of downloading  high-quality Pinterest images from Google Chrome browser is described below:

1. First, you have to add a Google Chrome Extension named “DownAlbum” (Click on add to chrome)


2. Go to your desired Pinterest boards


3. Click on the DownAlbum extension (showed in the photo)Screenshot_5.png

4. Now click on “Normal”Screenshot_6.png


5. The image collection will start and when it finishes, click on “Close”Screenshot_7.png


6.  Then a new window will be opened automatically like this:Screenshot_8.png

7. From keyboard click Ctrl+S and you will see a “save as” dialogue box like this:Screenshot_9.png

8. Select your desired folder to save, name your file and click save

9. Your download will start. When it finishes, you will see the photos in your selected folder, like this:Screenshot_10.png

Like this, you will get 100% high-quality image download from Pinterest.

In this way, I’ve solved my problems and delivered quality work and got an excellient review. If the article helped you, let me know and share this with others to help them. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “How to download high-quality images from Pinterest?

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  1. When I click “Normal” then Pinterest appears a notification: “Missing token”. So I can’t download any board. Can you help me?


  2. Hi
    For me when i press on normal, it goes to the same page it is supposed to go to however the ‘100/112’ is not there and it doesnt start downloading. Could you help me?


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