How to add all your Facebook friends to a group you manage in a minute ?

Yesterday I created a Facebook Group for my business purpose. I was thinking about adding all of you friends to my group. But I found it was quite difficult adding people one by one. Then I discovered an awesome technique for this. This technique helped me to add my friends to my Facebook Group within seconds. I will describe it now.


Five easy steps are below:

1.  Go to your desired Facebook Group.

2. Right-click on the group name.


3. Then click Inspect or Ctrl+Shift+I


4. Copy the code and enter it in the box shown below. You will find the code here: Add all friends at once


5. Click enter after entering the code.

You are done with it. All your friends will be added automatically. And also some may have a concern that this is hacking code. No this is not. I tried it. If you need any help you can contact me.


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