How to withdraw money from using Express Withdrawal from Bangladesh?

A few day ago I made my first transaction from In this time I faced some question myself and I saw that many of us face this. So I thought about sharing my story with all of you. You will be amazed to know that my money was somewhere gone for 2 days too. But whatever there was no headache for me, all was done by freelancer and I got my money safely at the end.

Very fast, I must say Alhamdulillah- Bangladesh is of the 13 countries who have Express withdrawal option from Freelancer. Though we don’t have PayPal, Freelancer did a lot for us providing this service. It tells that Bangladeshis have a great impact on Freelancer.

The answers to the questions you will find out after reading this article are: in how many days will you get the money, or what is the process of Express withdrawal.

Steps of Express Withdrawals from Bangladesh: 

  1. First, go to this page and enter your country name and amount to withdraw.

2. Now scrawl down and put your bank information. When you get verified withdrawing money first time, Freelancer will lock all of the information. And, from then next time when you do withdraw, you won’t need to enter bank information anymore.

Here you will have to add any Bangladeshi Bank name from their list. Then enter the account number and routing number too.  Where will you find routing number?

Then enter your account type. If your one is an account of your personal use, then select Individual from the list. Provide your name perfectly. The name should be the title of your bank account. I mean your bank account name.

3. Now enter your birth-date and address. If you don’t need “Address line 2”, keep it blank. And then enter your country name.

Now provide your state or province name. Here I used “Dhaka Dokkhin” and Freelancer accepted. You can enter something like this, and if you don’t have something like this to put, then just enter your city name there once more. And at the end, give your postal code and enter your country name once more.

4. Then click on “Withdraw Funds”. They will ask you to verify your phone number and you just need to do that. After finishing that, you will see a webpage like this.

5. Click on “Submit request’. You will see a withdrawal request successful messages. You will get the same on your email too. So check email.

Now you’ve yo wait for 15 days. Sometimes you may need 17/18 days to arrive the money first time. In these 15 days, you will see your withdrawal amount when you click on the balance showed on the top. You will see it in BDT.

All of a sudden after 15 days, you will see BDT no more. Don’t get anxious then, it’s the sign that your withdrawal is approved. It may take more days to arrive money to your bank. It needed 2 days extra for me. In this, I thought my money is lost. But nothing was like that. I waited, called my bank, checked my Internet Banking for daily these 2 days. Finally, the money arrived.

Like this, you will be able to withdraw money easily. And this is the most profitable way too. If you have any more questions, please let me know. Thanks all, please make comment, do share and you can read this post in Bengali here.

Hussain Abdullah, SEO expert & Affiliate Marketer.

9 thoughts on “How to withdraw money from using Express Withdrawal from Bangladesh?

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  1. Bro, amio same express withdrawl method use korci, amar age thekei payment withdraw kora cilo, so no delay time. but now it’s been already 7 days yet the payment is not in my bank account. Do you have any idea why this is happening to me?


    1. সাপোর্টে কথা বলেন। তারপর ব্যাংকে কথা বলেন। বেশি টাকা হলে ব্যাংক আটকায় ও রাখতে পারে।


  2. Bro was your account freezed for few days? I mean did something happen like you can’t make any transaction with that account?


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