Excel Shortcuts in 2 minutes

We use Microsoft excel worksheet every day for different purposes. Especially freelancers use this too much for there work delivery to their clients. Let’s know some Excel Shortcuts: 

Ctrl+Arrow: Cursor will go to left, right, up and down.
Ctrl+Home: Cursor will come before field or your texts.
Ctrl+End: Cursor will go after field or your texts.
Ctrl+Page Up: Go to previous page or worksheet.
Ctrl+Page Down: Go to next page or worksheet.
Atl+Page Up: Go to documents first column.
Atl+Page Down: Go to documents last column.
Atl+Enter: Putting cursor make a new line in a field with the double-click. 

Shift+TAB: Go to backfield one by one.
Ctrl+1: Change front, border, number.
Ctrl+2: Bold front.
Ctrl+3: Italic writting.
Ctrl+4: Underline text.
Ctrl+5: Draw line on your texts.

Ctrl+9: Delete the entire row in which field the cursor is.
Ctrl+0: Delete entire column.
Atl+F2: Save your file as you want.
Ctrl+F3: Open define dialogue box. 

Ctrl+F4: Close file.
Ctrl+F9: Minimize file.
Ctrl+F12: Open dialogue box. 


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