How to withdraw money from Seoclerk to Payoneer?

Tuhin is a Freelancer in Seoclerk. He earned 1000$ last month. Now he wants to withdraw money. He lives in Bangladesh and here Paypal is not available. So as Seoclerk has 2 options, one Paypal and another is Payoneer, Tuhin is going to withdraw money via Payoneer. He was confused about the process of withdrawal. So here I’m going to show people like Tuhin, how to withdraw money from Seoclerk.


How to withdraw money from Seoclerk?

First of all, log in to your Seoclerk account. Then go to account balance from here. You will see like below.


Click on “Withdraw your earnings“. Then you will see like below.


Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Minimum 15$ in Payoneer. Select Payoneer. And then click “Withdraw your earnings” again. You are done, you will page like below.


Wait for 72 hours. You will get the balance in your Payoneer. Holidays may delay your withdrawal process, don’t worry about that.

How to add Payoneer to Seoclerk?

If you have not added your Payoneer account to your Seoclerk account, then you have to add Payoneer to your Seoclerk account first. For that go to this page. Click on the “Payoneer ID” and add you Payoneer by login in with details (Shown below).


Then when you get money on Payoneer, you can withdraw the amount to your local bank from Payoneer. Read here.

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